New Years Goals

Well, we’re in the third week of January and I’m just now sitting down to think about my goals for the new year. You’d think one would be to stop procrastinating, but trust me when I say I’m pretty sure that one’s here to stay. I do have a few things that I truly do want to work on this year though.

1. Organization- I know this is on a lot of people’s new years list, but that’s because it’s such an important one. When I’m organized and my house is organized I just feel like life runs a lot smoother.

2. Cut the clutter- This is probably the reason I can’t stay organized. We have too much junk! And I would love to be able to say it’s all kids stuff, but it’s not. We could all afford to get rid of some stuff around here!

3. Be positive- I’m the first one to admit that I can sometimes have a bit of a pessimistic way of thinking. I can also become way to upset and frustrated over little things. So this goal of mine is to be more positive in my thinking and my actions. I want to memorize and meditate daily on Philippians 4:8 this year and set my thoughts on the things above.

4. More reading aloud- Sarah Mackenzie of Amongst Lovely Things, has really inspired me to incorporate more reading aloud as a family into our day this year with the Read Aloud Revival. We’ve recently started a “tea time” every afternoon where we all sit around the table enjoying tea or juice while I or my oldest reads aloud. I have been extremely blessed by how much the kids enjoy this time and even request it on the weekends! I have also found that this is a time that allows us to regroup in the afternoon and enjoy each others company. We’ve had some great conversations and laughing sessions during our “tea time”. I really want to stick with it this year.

5. More me time- This one probably should be on more people’s new years list. Sometimes I crash in to bed at night feeling like I have taking care of everyone else, but me. More me time would look like, more bubble baths (for me), reading some good books myself, exercising, and yes, even more baking and decorating. Baking is my love and stress relief (even though at times my husband would say baking causes me stress). So this goal is just about being intentional about finding more me time in my day.

6. More husband time- Yes, I know, how in the world am I fitting in more me time, more husband time, more baking time, all while homeschooling my kids and just the regular taking care of my family? I’m not sure yet, but this year I’m at least gonna try!

So, what are some of your new years goals for 2017?


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